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Sumix Cameras


To get technical support and assistance, please contact Sumix in one of the ways described below:

1. E-mail to . Your request will be submitted to the automated Request Tracking System and one of our representatives will contact you shortly.

2. Call +1 (877) 233-3385 and press 3 or wait for an Operator to answer.
The line works during office hours: 9 a.m. through 5 p.m. PST/ PDT, 10 a.m. through 7 p.m. EET/ EEST.

3. We might need to set up a remote session with you. To start a session, please download TeamViewer. Then run TeamViewerQS.exe file. Type in your name and wait until a Sumix technician enters your PC.

4. On-site visit can be arranged at a special request of a customer.

Warranty Terms

Sumix provides a three-year warranty for USB 3.0 cameras and one-year warranty for USB 2.0 and Gigabit Ethernet cameras.

Product warranty remains valid provided the product was properly installed and used.

Product warranty does not apply if defects, malfunctions, or failures of the warranted product were caused by:

  • Damage resulting of accident (such as floods, fire, etc.)
  • Environmental and atmospheric disturbances
  • External forces
  • Disassembling
  • Wrong environment conditions for storing (dampness, low/high operating temperature, that is not provided by the physical characteristics of device)
  • Host computer malfunction, incorrect cabling
  • Damage caused by misuse, abuse (dropped, scratched, etc.), unauthorized alteration or repair

This warranty is limited to the repair and/or replacement, at SUMIX sole discretion, of the defective product during its warranty period.

If the product was damaged by one of the reasons indicated above, Customer may still replace defective product after the advance payment (the cost of the replaced product in this case is negotiable and depends on the level of defect of the returned product).

The customer agrees to assume the risk of loss or damage during transit, to prepay shipping charges, and to use the original shipping container or equivalent.


What is included into a standard camera kit?

Tripod adapter
C-mount adapter (for cameras with C/CS Lens mount)
USB cable according to camera type:
• 3.0 A to micro-B cable (with screws) for USB 3.0 cameras
• USB A to USB mini-B cable for USB 2.0 cameras
For Ethernet cameras: CAT 5E or CAT 6 Gigabit Ethernet cable (optional) and Power over Ethernet adapter
Trigger connector (optional)
Camera Application Software
API Library

How long is the warranty period of Sumix cameras?

Sumix provides two-year warranty with technical support for USB 3.0 cameras and one-year warranty with technical support for USB 2.0 and Gigabit Ethernet cameras.

Why are SMX cameras supplied without a lens?

This allows you to choose a lens most suitable for your project. Our optic engineers can help you to select the right lens based on the description of your application.

What are the general recommendations for choosing the lens?

We recommend to use Megapixel lenses (like Navitar or Fujinon) with SMX cameras as they allow you to see full field of view provided by the camera.

May I use CS-Mount lens with SMX camera?

Yes, you may use CS-Mount lens with the following models: SMX-15M5x, SMX-M8xx, SMX-10Mxx, SMX-11Mxx, SMX-12A2x. These cameras also have C-Mount adapter. Other models have C-Mount only.

Where can I buy an external trigger connector for SMX camera?

To order an external trigger connector please contact us at .

Do Sumix cameras need external power supply?

No external power supply is needed. Camera consumes power that is transmitted through the USB cable.

May I use USB 3.0 Hummingbird camera with USB 2.0 host controller?

SMX-15M5x cameras are backward compatible to USB 2.0 host controller, but they will work on lower frequencies and reduced frame rates.

Can Sumix modify the camera for specific projects?

Sumix offers hardware, software and firmware customization services to meet customers' specific needs, for example:
• Camera case mechanical modification
• External trigger output mode customization
• Unique sensor modification

I want to develop my application for the SMX camera. Do you have examples on using API?

We provide examples for developing new applications in:
• C/C++, Visual Basic.NET, C++.NET, C#.NET
• MATLAB IMAQ adapter (for SMX-15M5x)
• MATLAB mex-file, extending basic MATLAB command set to control the camera parameters
• LabVIEW.

Our developers are ready to advise and assist with the integration of the SDK into your application. Just contact us at .

What Third Party Software /IDE ¬†Sumix cameras are compatible with?

Sumix cameras are compatible with popular vision and image processing libraries and the third party software like MATLAB, HALCON, Streampix etc.

How can I get the latest camera software package for my SMX camera?

The camera software is constantly developed and improved. You may download the latest version from here

May I synchronize the camera with external devices?

Programmable general purpose TTL input/output and triggering options allow SMX camera to be easily integrated into your system or synchronized with other cameras.

Is it possible to record video and save frames using standard camera application?

Yes, these functions are included into standard camera application.

May I receive video streams from several cameras connected to one computer?

Yes, standard camera application allows showing the video from several cameras.

How many cameras can be connected to one PC simultaneously?

Up to 36 cameras can be connected to one PC. Please note that connecting several cameras to one USB Host Controller leads to the video frame rate decrease of each camera.

Where can I find Camera User Guide?

You can find Camera User Guide in PDF format in SMX Camera installation folder. Its location is C:\Program Files\Sumix\SMX Camera by default. Or you can download it from here


Getting Started

on using Hummingbird series USB 3.0 camera

Movie size: 68,5 MB. Duration: 02:40

Download movie in MP4 format

Adjusting the image

with Hummingbird USB 3.0 camera

Movie size: 24 MB. Duration: 02:20

Download movie in MP4 format


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